Eyelink .edf file - Failed to rename file at exit

Hi all, I have a builder experiment (PsychoPy 2022.2.2 standalone, Win10) that is collecting eyetracking data with iohub from Eyelink1000. At the end of the experiment, I am getting the below dialogue from Eyelink that crashes PsychoPy. After python quits and I click OK, the complete .edf file with eyetracking data appears in the /data folder (along with the hdf5 output; sometimes this error also results in loss of the .csv and an empty log though).


Maybe related to the temporary (re)naming of the edf file behind the scenes? The output filenames are all pretty standard, (e.g., test99_ExpName_2022-12-01_15h46.59.101.edf /.csv /.hdf5).

I also get this error message:

displayAPI: Connecting
CreateFile failed with 123
file size = 1953532
total bytes = 1953532
displayAPI: Disconnect

The only related thread to that error I could find involves csv inputs, but in my case it seems like the issue should just related to the .edf filename itself? Thanks for any help!

Hi Ewing,
I have the same kind of problem, but in your case, it might be because the eyelink limits the names of the files to 8 characters