Was there a change in how psychoJS.experiment.addData() works?

URL of the experiment: d2 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
I recently re-ran a study that I ran once before, changing just one parameter in the script to run a different condition.
Whereas the last time I ran the study I had complete data sets, now there is only one row per routine in the data file.
I used a series of "psychoJS.experiment.addData(…, …) calls to add the data, which now only seems to overwrite the last line of results. I vaguely remember having this problem before, but I don’t remember what the solution was.
So my question is:
Did I accidentally delete or change something I shouldn’t have when I changed the condition, or did the addData API change? And in both cases: How do I get PsychoJS to not overwrite the last line of results?

I’m going to write a parser for the log files to extract my results from the last run, so nothing is really lost - but I’d like to get back to the convenience of complete records in the future :sweat_smile: .

Have you accidentally unticked “is trials” in your loops?

Oh sorry, I should have read the documentation.

I am missing the nextEntry-Call, aren’t I?
Is that a recent addition?

It looks like I have, thank you!
Adding an explicit nextEntry-Call at the end of the trial should work as well though, or do I misinterpret the documentation?
In any case: many thanks!

thisExp.nextEntry() should have the same effect.

I think that perhaps the change is that unticking “is trials” removed rows locally but wasn’t working as intended online. Based on your experience, it looks like that bug has now been fixed.

I mean - nice to hear, but too bad I didn’t realize it before I recruited my participants :sweat_smile:.
Thank you very much!