Project member permissions on Pavlovia

I want to make my experiment public (it was private for the duration of the study) so as to increase open access for publication. If I make my project public, people have to clone my project before editing it right? They can’t just delete stimuli randomly from public project? Or to make it so people have to clone to make changes, do I have to say that only ‘Project Members’ can have access to things like Issues, Repository, Wiki, and Snippets (these options appear under Permissions)?



Making a project public doesn’t give people edit rights. They can, however, access data and earlier versions of the repository. Have a go at deleting something from here for example.

Thank you! I forgot about the data access as well. I supposse I could clone the project myself and make that version public. Alternatively, if I set it to public but then set Repository – > View and edit files in this project to Only Project Members (see image below), will the public still have access to files in this project?

You may find that this is too restrictive.

Data access is less of a problem if you use the database saving method, though the log files would still be accessible.

At the moment, the best solution seems to be to create a demo version by copying the psyexp and resources to a new local directory and syncing to a new project without data online.

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