How to share a private experiment on Pavlovia

I’m trying to share an experiment (currently private and only in pilot state) with someone else. How can I do it without making the experiment public?

Advanced project features are all available from the gitlab interface:

To add someone else you’ll need their pavlovia user name.

There, you can see your projects, create groups etc. For a particular project you can go to the icons on the left hand side, including settings and one of the settings categories is “members”.

You can also create a group and make a project owned by the group, rather than a project of your own (e.g. the were created by us but assigned to the group called ‘demos’ rather than us individually). That’s easier than adding individuals to and from each project as your lab changes, for instance.

There are lots of great features in gitlab that we haven’t exposed in the simpler pavlovia interface but they’re all there! :slight_smile:


How can I send a private project from my personal pavlovia account to my labs pavlovia account?