Project Governance


I looked through some posts, links on the PsychoPy website related to contributing, and the and files and could not figure out if there are standards or expectations regarding specific activities such as requirements, design, and quality assurance when it comes to contributing code to the project (for example, fixing a bug/making an enhancement)? Are there any specific public tests that are run before accepting pull-requests?

When you issue a pull request, automated testing will occur via GitHub’s continuous integration system. This will take some time, and GitHub will inform you when it is complete and if any tests have failed. This is intended to see if the new code introduces any new bugs but the test battery is not comprehensive and will not pick up all possible downstream effects of your code.

Ideally new features would also come with their own new tailored tests.

Via GitHub, you can also request another specified developer to review your code, and there can be ongoing dialog with others who may have been involved with the reporting and discussion of an issue/feature request, before a merge occurs.

For the feature I think you’re working on, it should go into the dev branch, so there will be time before it gets incorporated into the next release and ideally any issues with it will be ironed out before it goes into the release branch for exposure to regular users.