Programmatically recovering Unique Device ID i.e. MAC address, device name et cetera


I understand that normally you do not want to gather sensitive GDPR protected information from participants machines.

However, we have purchased several tablets to distribute to our participants, and would like to easily identify them from the saved results. The MAC address of each tablet should be unique enough. Is there a way to gather this, or any other element from within Pavlovia?



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That’s quite difficult to do solely on the basis of the data received via Pavlovia. Take the MAC address for example; based on a bit of Googling I think it’s not available to web-servers. web browser - How can a webpage get the MAC address? - Information Security Stack Exchange

Maybe this would be a nice workaround? Provide each participant with a link that contains some unique ID in it.


Oh that works perfectly… we can just use Pavlovia URL parameters and provide them with a hand crafted link on the device.

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