Finding participant IP address

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I’ve just finished running my Psychopy experiment combined with a Qualtrics survey and participants were supposed to use a 3-digit number as their participant ID both in Qualtrics and Pavlovia so I could match up both data sets but some have not done this. Qualtrics data output provides IP Addresses for each participant, but I haven’t had any luck finding anything that would suggest that Pavlovia saves the IP addresses. Really hoping there is a way to find this otherwise I lose a lot of data.

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Hi @kareenduffy, sorry to hear that, sounds awful. Sadly, I don’t think IP addresses are saved unless you specifically code this into your experiment beforehand. To prevent situations like this, you can look into using URL parameters (i.e., Qualtrics sending information to pavlovia without the participant having to manually do something).

Can you match up the times in the data files?

For future reference, what I do is save the Qualtrics ResponseID to an embedded variable and then add as participant= it to the URL that calls Pavlovia.

I thought I would be able to match up the times but I have participants from US, UK and AUS. This is what I did with Qualtrics (based on the Qualtrics instructions) thinking that it would enable me to match them up with Pavlovia but I’ve either done something wrong or I’m looking in the wrong place.

You created a Random ID but did you add it to the Pavlovia URL and did you add the variable you sent to the expInfo dialogue box?

I usually send ResponseID (the unique Qualtrics string) as participant to ensure I can match up data files when using Qualtrics to Pavlovia.

Thank you, no I didn’t do either of those so that is where I went wrong. Will do this next time.

Thank you!