How to centre or remove the column title for Multi-Select Matrix

I want to create a Multi-Select Matrix but the column title is not centred when I only use one column.

Honestly, it would be nice to be able to use no column title at all when using only one column because it usually unnecessary because in my case I would prefer to have “Would you describe…” in the title of the question but I cannot have no title for the column.

Side note: Do I assume correctly that I cannot add minimum/maximum rate value description if I format it like this?

In Qualtrics if I don’t want text in a particular location I replace the placeholder with a space.

Have you experimented with extreme value descriptions? I think there’s an option for them.

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Thanks for this tip! This would indeed work if it wasn’t for the red asterisk that still appears off-centre because the column is required. However unselecting it is not an option.

Some things in Pavlovia Surverys still feel slightly cumbersome making it difficult replicating established paper-based questionnaires.

I guess to save the trouble will just split the question into three separate rating questions even if this it not ideal. It could also be I just don’t know enough and creating questionnaires in the .json editor offers more control but the designer doesn’t give much options.

Since the star is because you have set the question as required, you could add text like “Please answer all rows”

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Good idea :slight_smile: