Problems with images loading in online task

I’ve been working on trying to make a staircase expression task, where the stimulus images change per ‘block’ to put it simply. I have a custom code based on Rebecca Hirst / interleaved-staircase · GitLab, but the problem is when I run it online the images don’t pull in, even though the stimuli will say they were loaded into the program. Please let me know if you have any ideas!

My custom code is:

Hey there,

I’ve got two suggestions. If the image isn’t what you’d expect that might be due to one of these things going wrong:

  1. One of your variables (like stimIm) doesn’t have the value you’d expect it to have. You could test these by logging the variable to the browser console. See Thomas Pronk / tutorial_js_console_log · GitLab
  2. The variable has the right value, but the image isn’t set up. For an easy test, set the variable to some image without using the staircase (just write stimImg = ‘somevalue’) in the code component, and see if that does work out

Hope this helps!

Best, Thomas