Images not appearing in online version but appear locally

Description of the problem:

My experiment consists of an image stimulus appearing on screen and a few buttons for the user to choose based on the image. My image paths are present in a single column of excel file and looks like this -

When i run locally I am able to see the images but online the experiment page appears without the image.

The code in begin experiment is -
Image = [images] where images is the excel column with image paths.

and i am giving $Image to the image stimulus as below :slight_smile:

My code for Each Frame recordes what decision the use makes based on mouse click and the continues , see below

if mouse_click.clicked_name != None:
if ‘real_button’ in mouse_click.clicked_name:
#real_button.opacity = 0.5
real_button.lineColor = ‘green’
thisExp.addData(‘Response’, ‘real’)
if Identity == ‘real’:
thisExp.addData(‘Score’, 1)
thisExp.addData(‘Score’, 0)
elif ‘fake_button’ in mouse_click.clicked_name:
#fake_button.opacity = 0.5
fake_button.lineColor = ‘green’
thisExp.addData(‘Response’, ‘fake’)
if Identity == ‘fake’:
thisExp.addData(‘Score’, 1)
thisExp.addData(‘Score’, 0)

if confidence_slider.rating and END_real_fake_trial.isPressedIn(Continue_image):
continueRoutine = False

I have tried a lot of things including putting images to resources folder, adding resources additionally, setting AutoDraw to true in begin routine etc. Any help in solving this is very appreciated as I am working against a tight deadline.

I can share the experiment link privately if that helps.

Thank you

did you try including only the folder that contains the images? e.g. if the image “violin_11” is in the “images” folder, images/violin_11.png
you may also try using .jpg images instead of .png

Thank you for your reply @B.D.5
As in the excel, my images are in this path :
image where ABNORMAL, DEBRIS etc are the folder names.
, if i am not wrong the path is with respect to .psyexp file, so i am referencing starting from resources/folder_name/folder_name/file.png

Also, My experiment has two parts, in another part where I am using .png file i do not have problems in the online experiment.

Maybe my code in ‘Each frame’ is the issue?

I am not very well versen in Javascript, so I am using Auto – Js. below is my js code for spotting any obvious error.

sorry, I could not see the problem not good at coding JS :confused: The button opacity might overlap with the image and prevent it to be visible (if there is no button in the second)