Problems reading movie stimuli online

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I am new to Psychopy and have no knowledge of coding. Despite, I successfully build my experiment locally. However, when I am to run the experiment online my videos are not working. I tried changing the settings from expsettings to heights unit as seen in some solutuion. Unfortunately, it is still not working.

I hope you can help me please

Hi There,

Please could you tell us more about what isn’t working with the movies? e.g. do you get an error? does the audio play but you can’t see the visual?


Dear Becca,

Thank you very much for responding to me!

Yes. Please find attached error; the NegPrac_movie is the name of my stimuli
The video file name is Negle18.mp4.

I hope you can help me with this.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Dear Becca,

For further information, in my experiment, i do not need the audio of the video.
My videos are produced of eye-tracking experiment. I have re-recorded that video using a screen recorder called bandicam.
I do not need the audio but I did not do anything to remove it as the experiment seems to be working locally.

I hope for your advice.

Looks like you are using back slashes in your movie paths please can you try replacing then with forward slashes? e.g. “negvideos/Negle18.mp4”

Dear Becca,

Thank you. It did work for that one video as practice trial. However, now I have a more complicated problem. I edited the excel file to have backward slash and re-upload it in the trial condition (set to every repeat). However it is still not working and giving me error.

Is it giving the same error ? or a different one? if the same please can you try clearing your browser cache