Experiment not working for everyone

URL of experiment: second attempt [PsychoPy]

To run just put a number into the participant box.

Description of the problem:

I have been running the experiment online for the past week, unfortunately, a lot of participants are saying it freezes or stops working. I have had 7 people able to finish it and 46 had to abandon it. It does not show an error message the screen just no longer refreshes.

Can anyone help me with this?

Many thanks,


Hi James,

I suspect that your issue is with the total memory load of your resources. I just tried and it took a look time to download. Does every participant see everything? Are the videos at the resolution you’re using on screen or are they being downscaled?

Best wishes,


Thank you for responding and taking the time to look at it.

Unfortunately, at the moment the intention is they watch all videos, which requires all files. I haven’t downscaled the videos at present. Is there an easy way to do this? We wanted them to full screen but if it is not working due to memory then happy to compromise.

Many thanks,


Have a look at the files sizes. How big are the largest few.

You might be able to increase the compression or decrease the pixel size in a video editor. However, it might be that you have a few videos that are much bigger than the others.