Problem with using slider online


I am using the version PsychoPy3-3.0.5-win32
I created an experience on the software according to this pattern =

  • “presentation” including “Text” and “keyboard response”
  • a “loop”,
  • and an “end” including « text ».

The “loop” is composed of:

  • Sound1
  • Sound2
  • Evaluation (slider 1 to 10 rate)

When I launch the online experience via pavlovia, I am exposed to these following problems :

  • the presentation text is very big and a lot of its content is missing

  • The slider does not appear at any time.
    Only sounds working, it is done well randomly, but the participants can not act for the asking evaluation.

(Tried with Google Chrome and Firefox)

I hope you will be able to help me to find a solution to fix this problem.
Kind regards

Controlling the size of the text can be done by carefully checking the unts and the letter height. What units/height are you setting?

Har dto know why the slider isn’t appearing - I’ve certainly run experiments where it does Again, what units are you using and what is the size/pos of the object?

If you provide a link to your study we could check there too


Thank you for your answer.

For the text : units “from exp settings” ; height “0.1”
About the slider : size “(1.0, 0.1)” ; pos “(0, -0.4)”

(I will provide you a link to my study as soon as I can)