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Problem with running IRAP experiment with PsychoPy 1.85.0


I’ve installed PsychoPy 1.85.0 and have problem with running one of experiments (Implicit Relationale Assessment Procedure) that uses text and image stimuli. Only the initial instruction starts and then the script is off and error occurs:

I know that PsychoPy 1.85.0 for now is a test version, but maybe there is something I could do to make this work? It works perfectly with PsychoPy 1.84.2.

I would appreciate any help.


Hello Renee,

This is an issue with your string_to_booleanl() function near line 81 of your .py file. It is trying to do a string operation (making something lower case) on a variable that is a boolean value (0 or 1). Actually, the function is trying to turn a string into a boolean, and it seems like the value is already boolean (strictly a numpy flavour of boolean), so calling the function is unnecessary.

In case the value might sometimes actually be a string, you could edit the function to return the boolean directly if it isn’t a string. Alternatively, you can change the way you call it in line 984 to:

if string_to_booleanl(str(moving_response_options)) == False:

But that does look kind of crazy.

It works! Thank you very much for your help Michael.

Hi Renee, I wrote the Open Source IRAP code, you probably got it from my github. I’m glad the above fix works for you. It occurs in the first place because the task was written in psychopy 1.82. As I mention in the readme, if you run it in 1.82 you’ll have no issues with the vanilla code.

Hi Ian, yes, it works perfectly in psychopy 1.82. I wanted to use 1.85 because I’m trying to run irap online to see how it would work.

Thank you very much for writing open source irap code!

Hi Renee,

AFAIK, the PsychoJS module doesn’t yet allow one to include code components, which my IRAP implementation is heavily reliant on. If/when this is added, the code components will still need to be rewritten from python to javascript. So, online data collection using this specific implementation is still a way off doable.

That said, I do all my data collection online these days, just using alternative tasks, so I get your desire to get an IRAP online. However, I think the IRAP is, in many ways, a less than ideal tool for online data collection. Mainly, it’s unnecessarily difficult for participants. If you’re looking for a task that can assess the automaticity of relational or propositional responding, something like the Relational Responding Task is a good alternative. It’s very similar really, but is easier for participants. This too would require some javascript rewriting, but probably less than the IRAP. For the moment, I have an RRT implementation in inquisit that you can already use for online data collection, assuming that you’re willing to pay millisecond for their online license. You can get it on my github. This is what I’m using for the moment until PsychoJS is feature-complete.