Problem with colors

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Hello.I have a problem running this experiment:
It’s assumed that in the experiment the letters should coloured red and the numbers coloured white using the xlsx file select_stimuli_b.xlsx, but it doesn’t work and I don’t know why.
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select_stimuli_b.xlsx (17.5 KB)

Please show me your experimental setup



Basic of textTrial:
Appearence of textTrial:

Do you have any code in Each Frame.
If not, you should probably change it to Set every repeat.

I don’t understand it. Can you explain it please?

What goes wrong specifically? Does the text remain one colour, or do you get an error message? Does the experiment crash?

such as

Is there any code written in code

The problem is that with the first element that appears, the element is shown and the color is also written next to it (for example, if the element is a 4; 4,white appears), and then the other elements do not appear.

In code??

Maybe you can share your experimental program here so THAT I can check it out

I tried changing set every frame to set every repeat and it doesn’t work.

Error message prompt?

No, It doesn’t work like I want.

I don’t know if there’s an error in the .xlsx file.

I didn’t see where the mistake was. Since I didn’t see your Builder, I couldn’t judge

RSVP_Peters.psyexp (90.7 KB)

When I use set every repeat there’s no letters or numbers when I execute the program in pavlovia.

I’ve forked your experiment so I can run it without depleting your credits (@wen and anyone else if you want to run it to debug I suggest using this link instead), and it looks as though by the time textTrial.setColor(new util.Color(COLOR)); is reached, COLOR is still undefined. I’ll look into why, but this may be a problem with the loop rather than with the value supplied as COLOR.

Okey, I’ll investigate about that. Thank you.

I don’t find nothing about it. I tried changing the format of the file to .csv and it doesn’t work neither. I’m so lost.