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Problem with an “echo” while playing a video

Hi all

In my experiment (Win10, version 2020.1.1) I play a series of video clips separated between blocks (super basic code), all mp4 format. There are 3 types of blocks: audio-only blocks (which are technically audiovisual but with a black screen I placed in the video-editing software to replace the talking head), video-only blocks, and regular audiovisual blocks.

The problem – sometimes an “echo” appears with the audiovisual clips: The clip plays normally and then, in the end, the last 2-3 words of the sentence will suddenly repeat. This repetition is in the auditory modality only! (the visual component will keep playing normally). This happens at random and not with specific clips (so it’s not a problem with the file) and does not happen every time. It only happens with the audiovisual clips but not with the auditory-only clips (which, as mentioned, are basically the same in every parameter I can think of – e.g., when exporting from the video editing program I export both audio and video).

I have absolutely no idea what the problem can be, don’t even know where to begin… :frowning:

I’d very much appreciate your help guys!

This sounds a bit like two copies of the video are playing. Only one would be seen on screen but the second can be heard when the first one finishes. Is that possible?


I don’t think so because if that was the case - wouldn’t there always be we two copies being played, or at least at the same spots?