MovieStim3 audio echo at the end of looped videos

Hi all,
I’ve designed an experiment that loops through a set of videos and questions that need to be answered after each video. I’m running into the issue that there is an echo in the audio (not the video) at the end of each video --about half a second of the last bit of audio is repeated. I’ve googled this question but did not find a post that answered this question.

I’m using Psychopy version 2021.2.3 and Python 3.8 on macOS version 10.15.7. I use .mp4 video files, but also tried .mov and .m4v format, which did not solve the issue. Below an example of my code:

for clip in clips:
    mov = visual.MovieStim3(win, clip, size=(1280, 720),
        flipVert=False, flipHoriz=False, loop=False)
    globalClock = core.Clock()

for mov, questions_clip, clip in zip(movie_stimuli3, questions, clips): 
    d = visual.TextStim(win, " + ", pos=(0,50), height=50, wrapWidth=1300, units= 'pix')
    while mov.status != constants.FINISHED:

Anyone an idea where this issue comes from or how to trouble shoot?
Thanks very much!

Hi @Gwen,

Could you try separating the sound and visual parts of your video files using Audacity or something similar (this is free to download), then adding them in separately to your experiment? You can see more information in this thread from this post onwards, this thread focuses on Builder but the same logic applies to Coder.

This has solved this problem for a lot of users, hopefully this won’t be an issue in the next release of PsychoPy!