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Precise presentation time of polygon

In my experiment, 8 lines are shown on the screen for 33 ms. I feel that it is displayed longer even though I set the duration to 33 ms. How can I check the precise presentation time?

Is there anything else in the routine?

You could start a custom clock

myClock = new core.Clock() in Begin Experiment


in Begin Routine and


in End Routine

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Thank you for helping. Yes, there are other components in the routine.

If you are running it locally then the data file will contain the onset and offset times of the components if you don’t untick that option.

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Thank you. Is there a way to check in pavlova? Because it seems to be slowing down.

Hello bets

take a look into The timing mega-study: comparing a range of experiment generators, both lab-based and online [PeerJ] to see what you can expect online.

Best wishes Jens

stim start and stop times aren’t saved automatically online. you could try this though Save onset offset time 2020.2.10 online - #2 by Becca (no need to refer to the crib sheet for the thisExp snippet anymore though, it’s fine in the current release)

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