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Podcast episode on PsychoPy

Since it hasn’t been announced here already (maybe we should add a News or Announcements sub-forum?), I’m just going to do it:

@jon had been invited to Podcast.__init__, a podcast on “Python and the people who make it great”, and got the opportunity to talk about PsychoPy for more than an hour! I very much enjoyed listening to that interview, great job and big Thank You to all those involved!

We’re delving into the complex workings of your mind this week on Podcast.__init__ with Jonathan Peirce. He tells us about how he started the PsychoPy project and how it has grown in utility and popularity over the years. We discussed the ways that it has been put to use in myriad psychological experiments, the inner workings of how to design and execute those experiments, and what is in store for its future.


Ha, yes, thanks Richard. I’ve moved this to Announcements :slight_smile:

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