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Please Help Random Grey Screen in Go No-Go

Can anyone help me find the place in my code that is causing the grey screen to appear? I think that this is happening because my routine is continuing even though the white screen and fixation cross are supposed to stop. We need to use this task very soon, so any help would be amazing. Does anyone know why this would happen? Would anyone be willing to look at the code?

PS: I am a researcher who is very new to programming and made most of this in the builder and edited the code from there. Part of the problem is that the builder created way too much code that no one understands.

Hi @Linnea_Sepe-Forrest, the good thing about Builder is that you do not need to be able to code, unless you need some custom functionality. If your white screen and fix disappear, it is possible that your trial is not ending, possibly because your keyboard or some other component has an infinite duration. This is speculation, we need to see your Builder experiment to know what is happening.

Also, you should probably never need to edit that code directly. Looks into using “code components” instead: