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Please help making this forum great for everybody!


Ask your question in a way that is helpful for others with the same problem. Write details about what you’ve done, when the problem arises, your OS/PsychoPy version. Also, copy-paste error messages and use the “this reply solves my problem” checkbox.

We recommend you “watch” the Announcements, even if nothing else, so we can tell you about news (we deliberately keep this low traffic). You can watch certain categories but not others by going to that category and selecting the circle icon in the top-right corner.

How will this message help you and others?

  • If you get an error message: copy-paste the whole thing with your question. It often contains all the information needed to debug your problem. Also, it makes it easier for other users to Google the problem. Of course, you have googled the problem yourself before posting here? :slight_smile:

  • Please tick the “this reply solves my problem” box if a reply solves your problem. That makes it easier for other users with your problem to jump quickly to the solution. And the supporters can focus on unsolved problems.

  • Details: If something hasn’t worked as expected don’t simply say “It didn’t work”. We need to know in what way. Did the stimulus just not appear? Or it appeared in a surprising way? Did the experiment crash? Did it freeze up? Was there an error?

Code of Conduct

While you’re here remember that PsychoPy was provided for free by volunteers so:

  • Don’t expect anyone to have lots of spare time to create your experiment from scratch.
  • Try to help other users here, so that you give back for all the time we’ve spent writing this free package.
  • Be respectful of all users and contributors.

Why we moved from Google Groups to Discourse

Welcome to the new shiny PsychoPy forum, powered by Discourse (Many thanks to them. Beautiful work!)

We hope that this will be nicer for everyone than the old google group:

  • You can select particular categories to “watch” (e.g. watch Announcements and Coder but not Builder messages). You can override that on a per-topic basis too. By default, you only see updates on topics you contribute to. To watch a category go into that category and click on the icon on the top left of the page.
  • Much nicer web experience but you can still reply/subscribe to posts by email.
  • Better recognition for when you answer questions and “like” responses Badges! Everybody loves a badge, right?!
  • Social interface. You get to insert all those cool emoticons, you can like, you can tick “solved” and you can refer to individuals by @username
  • One-stop for all your discussions rather than code questions on StackOverflow, app questions on users-psychopy and dev questions on dev-psychopy

This place is the best place to ask questions about PsychoPy, discuss how to make it better and help each other with tips. The more time you spend here, and the more you interact in different ways (e.g. answering questions yourself), the higher your “Trust” rating will get.

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