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Playing generated music from a spreadsheet

URL of experiment: Pavlovia (set to public)

I’ve successfully transcribed Greensleeves into a spreadsheet containing notes, beats and octave number. However, to confirm, I wasn’t able to use .setSound() or .setVolume() online so the music is played at one note per iteration of the loop. I’ve tried to create some harmonics to make the music sound a little more realistic but I’m not sure I’m there yet.

I took the music from but I think that to add the bass notes I might need to set them all up as individual sound objects – otherwise they will restart at the beginning of each routine.

You can listen to my efforts here: musicbox [PsychoPy]

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I get no sound (but no errors) on my iPhone. Has anyone had success with sounds on mobile devices?

It works on my Samsung Galaxy S6, although some of the sounds fail to play.

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I wonder if the issue is that the sound device can’t load sounds fast enough. I sometimes seem to skip a note on my laptop. This would definitely be a reason to avoid using PsychoPy online for rapid serial audio presentation (RSAP?).

After having another play on my Samsung, the missed tones are actually very quiet muffled tones, and it is different tones that are missed on each run. Not sure why those tones would fail to play properly, but seems to run ok on my laptop and desktop (tested with Linux Ubuntu 18.04).

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