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Playing sounds in Loop on

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
My first time using PsychoPy and create a demo sound project.
Works fine in 3.0.6 desktop, Win 32

Online, A hard coded sound works fine but in a Loop with $ its does not, I get an:

Unfortunately we encountered an error:

  • when finding a player for the sound
  • could not find an appropriate player.

Try to run the experiment again. If the error persists, contact the experimenter.

I have tried putting all the sound files in the root but still no joy.

Am I doing some thing wrong?


Mark Cooper

Hi @cmcooper, would you mind sharing your repo so I can see your experiment?


I think I have done this in gitlab add member.



Morning @cmcooper, thanks for adding me the to project, really helped with the debugging. There may have been some issue with one of the filenames, or perhaps the cache has not been updated with your changes. I made a couple of changes, renamed column in your excel file because the name “Sound” may clash with other important variables. Try clearing your cache before trying this, and let me know. I have it working on my Browser.

Oh BTW, just for info. All the files you need will be automatically added to the resources folder if found in your conditions file, so no need to add subfolders. Have a look at the current directory structure, to get an idea.

YES!.. Works fine now… As I’m new to this… did not know about important var names…I should have known better about that.

Thanks for you help…