Platform Unknown - 403 forbidden

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Hello everyone, I have been encountering the same problem for months everytime I put a new experiment online. It won’t work, it says “platform unknown” in Pavlovia, and when I try to run the experiment it says 403 forbidden. This question has already been asked but it seems that there is no appropriate solution. I tried to delete everything and put it in a new file with new names a considerable amount of times, I tried the “put it on inactive then on running again” solution, the “fix the link by adding html to it” solution, I tried everything but can’t figure out why I still have the problem and it happens everytime I put an experiment online, so I have to do it again and again for hours unitl (we don’t know why) it eventually works. I am kind of desperate here…

Could you share your gitlab repo with me? My username is tpronk

Did this get resolved? I am having a similar issue.