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Pilot token missing from URL

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I am trying to pilot an experiment online, selecting the experiment from the Dashboard, and clicking the pilot button (status is set to pilot). I get the following error: “the experiment status is PILOTING but the pilot token is missing from the URL”

The experiment contains code components (both in python and JS). The experiment runs in the builder (version 3.2.3), so python cannot be the problem. I have tested the JS components separately, and they seem to work fine. Also, there is no error message in the PsycoPy output window when I create the PsychoJS script. The console doesn’t point me to any specific line in my code either, when online piloting fails.

I have another experiment, also including a small code component (, and piloting works there.

Is it possible that a JS script problem would lead to this URL error message? Any directions on what kind of problem it may be?

There is a similar discourse (named ERROR:Pilot token is missing, I can’t link it due to the 2 link restriction)
However, in that stream the solution seems to have been piloting from pavlovia directly (not the builder) - and this does not solve the issue here.

Thank you!