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Pick up experiment where you left off

Hi All,
I fear this is a very basic question, but here goes. I have an experiment that takes a very long time, and it’s okay for people to stop and pick it up at their own leisure. The stimuli are presented in a fixed sequence, and responses logged. Is there functionality for people to exit an experiment, and pick up right where they left off?
Thank you.

There is no such functionality built-in. But it might be possible for you to implement one:

  • You could add a field to the experiment info dialog that specifies that starting trial number, that defaults to 0.
  • In a code component, insert code that runs only on the first trial of your main experiment loop. If the starting trial number is > 0, then you could call that number of times, to skip forward that number of trials:

Never tried this, so no guarantees.

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Thanks. I’m checking it out now.