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How to go back and forth between trials

BlockRandomizationPractice.psyexp (10.8 KB)


I am going to create a speech production experiment in which the subjects needs to go back and forth between trials. For example, when the experimenter thinks that the subject needs to reproduce the speech materials given in a previous trial, (s)he should be able to simply press the left arrow key to go back to any of the previous trials, or otherwise press the right arrow to proceed to the next trial (just like in the PowerPoint presentation mode).

There will be an image file for each trial, which prompts the subject to say a particular sentence. As there is no time limit, pressing either of the arrow keys will terminate the presentation of the visual stimulus. I haven’t created these visual stimuli (as well as the sentences) but am attaching a very simple example file, in which the basic structure of the experiment is constructed. Note that there will be multiple blocks of trials and I am going to use a loop (the outer loop) so that the order of blocks are randomized (as well as randomization of the trials within each block).

Any help will be appreciated!

In Builder, it is relatively simple to keep repeating the current trial, or to go on to the next one. But to go back to an arbitrary one presented earlier is not so simple. That sort of design is probably where you need to forego the convenience of the graphical Builder interface, and plunge into the flexibility offered by coding your own experiment, from scratch.