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Please help: building behavioural experiment

So I’m just trying to create a simple experiment in which participants read a short narrative and then make judgments on the content. I’ve encountered two problems: (1) is that after the participant text input screen I can’t progress to the next frame and (2) is that I want Psychopy to loop the trial and access a different text each time so the narrative changes but everything else stays the same, is that possible? (19.6 KB)

(1) I think you’d need to give a smaller minimal working example to isolate the problem (I don’t think anyone will wade through the whole code here unless you can narrow the scope. Even pointing to a specific line number would help…)

(2) Yes, this is certainly possible. But it is such a fundamental aspect of how PsychoPy works that I think you’d best start with watching Jon’s YouTube tutorial on the Stroop task. That is a Builder tutorial but the principles are the same. Once you understand that, you can look at implementing it in code, by using a TrialHandler class linked to a .csv file of texts: