Looking to hire a coder/programmer - 8 memory tasks

Hi everyone!

I have 8 working memory tasks that I need to be more accessible to participants to complete, as in-person research is no longer an option given all the university closures. I was told psychopy is the route to go, but I have no experience in this space. I am looking to hire someone (or multiple people to get it done faster) with experience to code these tasks for me.
I will list the experiments below, but the general gist is that each task will consist of instructions, an initial assessment (requires a keyboard response), 3 practice trials, a second assessment (again, keyboard response required), 9 task trials, recall (some tasks will be type-in responses, some will be single keyboard responses, some will be point-and-click responses) and 2 follow-up assessment questions (keyboard response).
In general, the practice trials and task trials will visually present words one at a time (words randomly selected per trial from one of 5 lists).
There are 3 sound conditions that must be presented during the practice and task trials.
The tasks are:
Delayed serial recall
Immediate serial recall
Free recall
Item recognition
Running memory span
Complex working memory span
N-back (load factor = 3)

My email address is tuf64813@temple.edu. Please let me know if you have any of these experiments already coded, if you can help me code these from scratch, and what your rate for compensation would be. I appreciate any assistance or guidance you can provide!