Pavolvia experiment stuck on "initialising..."

Hi All, I have a very simple experiment that I built in Builder, where people just have to give simple responses to a series of colour patches. I pushed it to Pavlovia and when I try to run it in Piloting mode it doesn’t run, it just gets stuck on “initializing…” I’ve seen that many people have had the same problem. one solution that seems to come up is to debug the java script, however I don’t know how to program in Java. Is there not a user friendly solution to this issue?

Many thanks!

Have a look at Troubleshooting Online Studies — PsychoPy v2023.2.3

If you have a very simple experiment then one of the common issues in the current release is that the experiment name in Experiment Settings has to match the file name.

If you have an experiment containing Python code then you might have included code that doesn’t work in JavaScript, for example importing Python libraries like numpy.

Thank you for your response!

Can you give me more details? For “experiment name in Experiment Settings” where is that exactly? For example is that in builder or in Pavoliva? And likewise for file name, which file do you mean? Is it my local .psyexp file, or is it the name of the experiment that was pushed to pavolvia?

I added no python code to my experiment, in fact it is all very simple and so the solution to this problem should hopefully also be something obvious and easy :slight_smile:

In Builder.
Your local psyexp Builder file