Pavlovia unable to read conditions

Description of the problem:

I am far from computer program literate but my Colour Stroop Task works on Psychopy and syncs to Pavlovia fine, however when running the experiment online pops up with:
• when getting the value of conditions
…\Masters\Stroop Task\conditions.xlsx.
“Unknown resource”

Does anyone know how to resolve this please?

It would be more helpful if you provided the link to the actual experiment (either the project at gitlab.pavlovia or the url to run from). Then we could be certain. From the minimal info my best guess is that the conditions file is an absolute location (c:/Users/My documents/…) rather than relative to the experiment. That can happen if you add the conditions file before the study has been saved.

Open the study in PsychoPy, go back to your loop and load the conditions file again. Sync back to pavlovia and make sure you do a full refresh in the browser to test (Ctrl-Shift-R?) to clear the Javascript cache.

Your guess was correct! Thank you! (Apologies I am very new to the computer side of experiments!)

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