Pavlovia task stuck on initialising

Hi, My experiment here:

Is stuck on initialising and I get no other information about it, so I wonder what may be wrong about it. I am using very like code on this task so I am not sure what may be wrong as it is working offline and the way I am keeping track of trials is what I was using the previous version of Psychopy. Did something change?

Thank you

Have you checked the console?

Please take a look at my crib sheet (pinned post)

It states:
N.B. .thisN has stopped working in 2020.2 but should be fixed in 2020.2.5

When will the version 2020.2.5 be released?

Hi @TParsons…do you have an ETA for the next release?

I am as we speak in a call with @jon going through final bug fix commits to pull in before packaging, looking to hopefully have it out by the end of tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Do you know if this bug was fixed in the new update? I am not sure if it is worth downloading the update if not.

.thisN doesn’t seem to be fixed in 2020.2.5

However, I think I’ve solved another issue I was having which I think was my error not a problem with loops.