Pavlovia Surveys - download responses non-manually

Hi all
I’m looking for a way to automate the download of responses from several surveys running on Pavlovia.

Here’s what i tried so far:

  • Right clicking the ‘Download responses’ button and copying the URL (none is revealed, at least in Firefox).
  • Following this SO answer, Opening Dev tools in Firefox, and under Network>XHR>HTML type>Headers. (However, i couldn’t find any request URL for the file itself).
  • Also on Devtools>Network>XHR right clicking the request and trying to copy URL or cURL (Windows). I’m getting a failure to authenticate.
  • Downloading the file manually and copying the Download URL. I’m getting a URL in the form of ‘blob:Pavlovia’, and as much as i gathered these can’t actually be used to download files from a server.

I believe i can also use Selenium, but it would be cumbersome.

If you have any suggestions, I’d be thankful.

Automated downloading of survey responses isn’t something I’ve thought of being important before. Do you have a large number of similar surveys to deal with? If so, might there be an alternative solution of creating a single survey with a parameter in the URL which modifies which questions / pages / piped text are seen.