Clickable URLs within a Pavlovia survey

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows whether it’s possible to include a clickable URL within a survey? I would like to collect parental consent using a google form and I may be able to rework this so that it all takes place on Pavlovia, but thought I would ask first.

I have tried using the HTML ‘< a >’ function to turn the text into a hyperlink but it wasn’t clickable.

Any ideas welcome.

Hi Eoin, A good tip from OST is to just write your text in a google sheet and then download as HTML. Open this is a text editor and just copy and paste the HTML Markup box on a HTML question. See screenshots below.

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Hi Colin, thanks for your reply, but this leads to the same issue where the link is not clickable so I would not be able to direct the participants to an external site during the survey. I will just try to collect parental consent within pavlovia itself.

Can you upload a screen shot and the html?

Here’s a demo which has working HTML links.

The first link gives a warning (Leave or Cancel).

The second link avoids this by including target="_blank" to open a new tab i.e.

<a href="" target="_blank">VESPR Grademailer</a>
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