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[Pavlovia] Stuck on the "initialising the experiment" page

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: The experiment runs well on my own laptop but when I was trying it on Pavlovia using Chrome, the browser console (Chrome) shows:


I also tried the link on FireFox, it got stuck again, the FireFox console shows:

I’ve searched the other articles which got similar problems but still not sure how to solve the issues regarding my own experiment. Could anyone please help?

Many thanks.

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One possible cause for this problem is the js file included in index.html does not correspond to the actual file name. It’s trying to load something does not exist.

Thanks for your reply but I still don’t know how to solve the issue…

I just had a check and it seems when PsychoPy uploaded the files to Pavlovia, it did not create any js files for me in the “html” folder.

I also tried creating a .psyexp file using the Posner tutorial on YouTube and then upload this one - this one can be ran online successfully. And all .js files are there in the html folder…

Does anyone know why the PsychoPy failed to create the relevant .js files for my own experiment?

I created the whole experiment using Builder.

Thank you.

Sorry I don’t know much about the builder. Maybe you need to use the “generate online code” function first? My understanding is that the builder creates a git project on the server and syncs all the files within the experiment folder. If it doesn’t automatically generate js files, they might not get uploaded.

If your online experiment works locally on your computer, you can upload them manually into the html folder and that should work just fine.

Do you have any code components?
Are you using import statements?

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