Pavlovia stuck on initializing

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I built my experiment on PsychoPy and uploaded it to Pavlovia but when I try to pilot it, it gets stuck on initializing the experiment. Any tips on how to fix this? I’m very new to this. My project is set to public and I would appreciate any tips or help. Thanks!

Hi There,

If the page is stuck on initializing it means there is a JS error.

To debug, run your experiment, when you hit the initializing page open developer tools (outlined in JS crib sheet )

click on the red message that corresponds to the filename of your experiment, that will tell you where in your experiment things are going wrong. Then return to your builder experiment to make edits.


Looking at your experiment I see you are trying to import pandas.

import * as pd from ‘pandas’;

pandas will not work online because it is a specialized python library and the browser runs Java script not python.


Thank you, Becca! That was my suspicion from reading other posts but I was hoping there was some work around :frowning:

Just wanted to say that this crib sheet has been extremely helpful! Thanks a heap!