Pavlovia ReferenceError: ExperimentHandler is not defined

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: My code works properly on psychopy. However, at Pavlovia, I encounter with this problem “ReferenceError: ExperimentHandler is not defined”. As far as I know it is not something I should define. I use Experiment Handler at “begin experiment”. Can it cause a problem?

I could not understand why this problem occurs. If anybody helps me, they will make my day!

Are you trying to save a custom file name?

If so, then you probably need a different approach.

Thank you for your help. It seems custom file paths aren’t still supported for PsychoJS. I am very disappointed. :frowning:

What are you trying to do?

Thank you for your interest!
It is a recognition memory experiment and mostly relies on the codes I wrote within builder. I take the words from a txt file and randomize them then show the participants during the study phase. At the test phase, I present either new words or studied words and ask participants to decide whether they saw the word during the study phase.
I created data files for each participant’s test session. The data file contained the information of the trial number, the test word, whether the test word belongs study list (the list presented during the study phase), the participant’s response, and whether the response is correct.
When I create the data file, it becomes structured and only saves the things that I want. Now, I see that I should remove all codes related to the data file I created and try to organize the automatically-generated data file.
Any suggestion is appreciated. :slight_smile:

What you could do is during the presentation phase save the results in the first loop to a new nested list and when you reach the appropriate number of presentation words skip through the rest of the loop saving the remaining words as unseen. I use a similar technique in which has the added complication of independently checking the number of different type of faces.

if FaceType==1 and len(ConditionsFC)>0:
elif FaceType==2 and len(ConditionsMC)>0:
elif FaceType==3 and len(ConditionsMM)>0:
if Expression[0] == 1:
elif Expression[0] == 2:
elif Expression[0] == 3:
elif Expression[0] == 4:
if Gender=='Male':

if skipTrial==1:

This is otherwise similar to my independent randomisation demo.