Pavlovia Payment Email Receipt (?)

I am paying credit online in Pavlovia. However, I did not receive any email receipts for my transaction. I may need the receipt for reimbursement purposes.

I wonder whether any of you have encountered the problem, or Pavlovia credit purchase just won’t send an email receipt?

Thank you.

Tagging @apitiot for this one; he might know

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I’m also interested in obtaining a receipt. I wasn’t emailed one.

Hi there,

Depending on what you need, you should get it automatically or we can do ti manually

  • Basic receipts: You should certainly have been emailed an automatic receipt from, the credit card processor we use, but check your spam folder because email clients often think that emails claiming to be a receipt or invoice are spam!
  • Invoice with institution details: Sending a more “invoice” with institution information is currently a manual process so you should email us (as below). Invoices will come from
  • EU VAT invoice: If you’re in the EU and need a VAT invoice then we will need the VAT number of your institution. Again, email us the details below and we can provide an appropriate invoice

For further information and invoice/VAT queries email sales at You may need to include the name of the person on the credit card you used and/or the receipt number.

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hi, jon!@jon
I need a list of every credit consumed in my study, not the payment receipt. It’s also for reimbursement purposes, it can prove that I indeed put the money into the experiment. How can I get it? Thank you very much!!

I’ve solved my problem by emailing Jon. Thank you for the help.

Yes email sales at if you need something more than the normal receipt from