Pavlovia output does not contain all the data

URL of experiment: I am currently in “Pilot” mode, so I don’t have any URL

Description of the problem: I have an experiment with a loop containing two nested conditions. This loop is a big loop encompassing several routines and loops (see captures). When run offline on psychopy, everything works fine: the data output is complete and I have all the data I need for each condition of the loop. However, when I try to run it online on Pavlovia, the output only shows the data for one condition of the loop but not the other. Moreover, I have tried adding a third condition (just to see what happens), and I end up with another incomplete output, with the data associated to one of the three condition plus a part of the trials for the second condition.

I have tried to search for related topics, but I don’t think this issue have been raised before.
If you have any insights on what could be the cause of the problem, I’d be grateful for your help.

Thanks a lot!



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I have the same problem as you. Did you manage to solve the issue?

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