Conditional Branching/ Closing Inner Loops


I’ve run into an issue conditionally closing inner loops on Pavlovia. In my original experiment, I have a series of trials in which a participant makes a choice regarding which trial they wish to be presented with. The trials themselves have conditions (included in a loop), and the trial is set to randomly select from the conditions when presenting a trial. Once a choice is made, a participant is presented with one trial of that choice, and the loop bypasses the routine corresponding to the alternative choice. Following this, the choice screen is re-presented and the loop restarts.

The experiment works accurately on desktop PsychoPy, but is running into issues when hosted on Pavlovia: specifically, the loop is not closing after a single trial, but instead runs through all conditions and both choices. Through investigation, I have found that loop issues are common in Pavlovia; however, I have yet to find a successful workaround.

I’ve included a simplified version of my experiment below. As in the case of the original experiment, this version runs accurately on desktops through PsychoPy, but does not host well on Pavlovia. All conditions and both choice routines are presented when a single choice is made.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated to help solve this issue. Thanks in advance!