Pavlovia not working

Description of the problem:

I can not change the status of my experiment on Pavlovia. It is Inactive and I want to run it but Pavlovia just shows this message and nothing happens: The status is bing changed. This may take a few minutes…

Have a look in “View Code” and see if your files are actually uploaded.

Actually, I synced it with my Psychopy and it gave me the message that it was successful, but the “View Code” part is still empty ! I wanted to run it because, in some cases, the view code part is filled after one time running the experiment.

Thank you for your replay dear Ajus !

That means that the sync did not work. If you fix this and your files actually appear under “View Code” then pavlovia will also be able to change the status of your experiment.

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Yes, exactly! The problem is synchronization! I must find a way to fix it.

Thank you again my friend :wink: