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Pavlovia not playing MovieStim

Update: The “Video Test” experiment works well with .mp4 files and the loop function. I am adding code components (identical to those in my UnkObjID study) to see if it still functions.

Update again: So the final “Video Test” file uploaded with the code components that cause conditional branching works. There are a few cases where routines appear to be skipped, but I think that happened from me instinctively hitting the space bar too soon.

I am working on re-rendering all my video files to .mp4 files now and making the adjustments to the code components (apparently, they didn’t already translate to JavaScript as I had initially thought). Will post one more update when the files are reformatted and updated in Pavlovia. Hopefully, this will lead to a resolved issue!!

Well, not exactly the update I want to be sharing…

I converted all the video files to be .mp4 files and pushed the change to Pavlovia. When I pilot the experiment, it tries to download 394 files (even though there are only 198 associated with the study and repository). After hitting okay to start the pilot, the entire chrome window goes black and the browser stops responding.

Is this a browser issue or more of an experiment issue?? I had the same result when I used Firefox as well.

Experiment issue, I think. It sounds like it doubled up on the videos somehow and it’s probably putting too much memory load on things. I would look in your experiment folder and see if it’s still got copies of the movies you aren’t using, and then check if the Pavlovia repository likewise.

I checked and didn’t see any duplicate files in my local folder or in the repository. I was wrong with my comment, it’s trying to pull 369 files. Still the wrong amount, but not the right number for there to be duplicates.

Should I try deleting the experiment/repository and re-uploading it??

Yeah, I think that’s probably the logical next thing to try.

Okay, I was wrong. There were some duplicate files in the html/resources folder. Those were removed and the project updated.

Piloting now attempts to download 193 files, which is the correct amount. The study will run in windowed view, however I am still getting a black screen and chrome crashes when I try to run the study in full screen. If I have the study opened in a windowed fashion and try to put that one window to full screen or adjust the size of the window in any way, chrome crashes again. Could that be part of my experiment’s screen settings??

Edit: if I start with the window full screened on my computer, all browsers crash immediately when I hit “ok” to start the pilot

The study opens in full screen. If I hit esc, the pilot shows up in a browser tab.

The study runs as needed until I get to the looped trials again. At this point, it seems the code component is causing an issue. The study gets stuck in a loop where it thinks a participant responded too soon (even though the response was during the appropriate interval) and then the next video never plays. However, no error messages show up at any point.

Progress! The full-screen issue is a weird one, I don’t know what to make of that. W/r/t the timing, that’s a fine-tuning thing, or it should be. If you make the response window overly large (just to ensure any response window works), does it work? Or is this something about the code in general?

I mimicked the response windows on the Video Testing experiment that I ran and it worked just fine, but I set those response windows to be about 4x longer than those for this study. The code is identical with the exception of different variable names. With the video testing study, the videos played in the appropriate manner according to the code, so I don’t know why that should be different now.

I had the issue when originally creating the study that the code components only worked in the “each frame” section, not the “begin routine” section, so maybe I’ll try switching that and see if it changes anything.

I tried going to Experiment Settings on Builder and unchecking the “full screen” box on screen settings. The experiment still tried to open in full screen and then caused chrome to crash because it wouldn’t let me escape the window. I am going to leave that box checked for now and see about dealing with the screen issue after the timing issue.

Also, here is the updated link to the repository

So moving the code components from the “each frame” tab to the “begin routine” tab did not have any effect. However, since the videos are now playing and I’m not getting the same error message as before, I think it’s best to create a new thread so that the issue can stay on topic. I will link the new thread in an edit to this comment.

New topic link: Conditional Loop not working in Pavlovia