Pavlovia + jsPsych failing with images >500px

When piloting my jsPsych experiment on Pavlovia, I run into an issue with any image sized over 500px (in either dimension). In Pavlovia, these images simply do not appear (empty image box with x is dispalyed). When I use an image editor to resize the image to <=500px, it then appears (albeit too small). I AM able to resize the image back up with js/html code, but the image clarity becomes poor.

I notice that if I use these same (1280x720px) images in Psychopy Builder and convert to Pavlovia code, they display correctly/clearly at full size.

Because the images appear correctly at full size in jsPsych, and in Psychopy->Pavlovia via psychoJS , but fail with jsPsych+Pavlovia, this seems to be a Pavlovia+jsPsych specific glitch. I’ve looked over the image-related code snippets with psychoJS, but they don’t directly translate to jsPsych.

Is there a code adaptation in jsPsych that I am missing to allow me to work with these “large” images in Pavlovia?