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Pavlovia fails to save, unless aborted mid-experiment


URL of experiment: the issue arose in two experiments that I am currently trying to migrate online. This is an example, currently set to Running mode:

Project ID: 39953

Description of the problem: The experiment runs well, until the very end. However, unless I exit before the final “thank you” message - no data is saved. This is exactly the opposite of what previous threads with saving problems reported.

I’m assuming that force quit by the participant initialized some backup mode that triggers the saving of all the data so far… but then, why does the “normal” saving fail? (offline, I never ran into this sort of problem)

Can it perhaps have something to do with the fact that there are several different lists in the experiment?

Thanks in advance,

Is there anything odd about the Thank You message? Does it just have a text and keyboard component?

Actually, it only has a text component. Would that be an issue?

Does the text component have a duration?

Wow! I never imagined that this would work, but changing the duration of the component solved the issue. Thank you!!!

Was the duration blank? (i.e. endless)

Yes, exactly. It never had any effect on offline experiments, but I guess that js is different.