Pavlovia failed to load experiment: favicon.ico / TypeError

jsPsych version (e.g. 7.3.1): 6.1.0

experiment link: Korean ver
*the experiment’s language is Korean
*it contains about hundreds of mp3 files and two images (total 24MB)


I made a online experiment with jsPsych and Pavlovia.

But there are few loading issues: failed to load experiment when open the link with laptop: Chrome, Safari, Naver Whale (it happens occasionally)

  1. what is favicon.ico ? this error message appears sometimes.
  2. I did not edited ‘jspsych.js’. but there is a TypeError. How can it be happen? jspsych.js is a original from How can I fix it?

It would be grateful if someone answer my question.
Thank you.

favicon.ico is the small image that appears at the top of your browser tab to help you identify which site your tab is pointing to. Don’t worry about this as an error.

Your other error suggests that you are trying to find the “style” of something that doesn’t exist (such as a blank cell in a spreadsheet).

Thank you.

but the second error happens occasionally – so I thought the original ‘jspsych.js’ has no problem. I think if the spreadsheet is wrong itself, the error must happen in every trial.

Is there any other reason that this error happens occasionally and fail to load? except the code’s TypeError.

Open your spreadsheet

Delete the apparently empty rows at the bottom.

Move the cursor to a valid cell

Save and test