Pavlovia experiment fail to load: especially in mobile

jsPsych version (e.g. 7.3.1): 6.1.0

experiment link: Korean ver
*the experiment’s language is Korean
*it contains about hundreds of mp3 files and two images (total 24MB)

I made a online experiment with jsPsych and Pavlovia.
But there are few loading issues:

  1. failed to load experiment when open the experiment link through mobile - safari (not yet check the Android web)
  • the loading progress bar appears, but it never success to load: it stucks and after few seconds, error message comes up.
  • Other experiments I made with same jsPsych codes(same experiment form) but different stimuli files used to success to load the experiment. But when I check them again today, they also fail to load.
  • As it is mobile environment, I cannot check the developer console. So I can’t get the problem’s cause. How can I fix it?