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Pavlovia experiments on Tablet? Dissertation help needed


I am putting together my dissertation on essentially a version fo the Implicit Relational Association Program (IRAP) and I wanted to know if people can make their choice via touch on a mobile device versus doing a key click when I put this experiment up on Pavlovia.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

this is the demo that goes along with touchscreen.

I’m not sure how applicable it will be to your needs, but it does seem to be possible:

keep an eye out as I think there will be more on this soon - e.g., Jonathan Pierce put up a tutorial on the psychopy youtube channel for a posner task yesterday and said he would likely do the touchscreen element of that task in a separate tutorial.


Thank you very much!


I was wondering whether you could maybe give me some information on what tablets you run your experiment? I am trying to set up an online study on mobile devices (with a touch response) and I am not sure if PsychoPy/Pavlovia will be running on any tablet with browser or if there are special requirements. Maybe you have some experience here?
Thank you in advance

@wakecarter has a nice experiment specifically designed to run on tablets (it involves throwing virtual darts at a target). He might be able to give feedback on what devices the participants used or were allowed to use.

I have the following values for OS in the completed data files. I might have some more info from Qualtrics, but that will take a bit more time to match up so it will have to wait until we stop data collection.

Linux aarch64
Linux armv8l

Best wishes,


Thank you very much for the information.

Thanks for forwarding