Run PsychoPy on a tablet?

Is it possible to install and run PsychoPy on a tablet? It’s probably a dumb question, but I have never used a tablet and do not know what they are capable of beyond browsing the internet and running online software.

It depends on the tablet as there’s some these days that are basically just touch screen laptops running Windows, but in general the PsychoPy app can’t run on a tablet. However, through Pavlovia, you can run studies online, for which you’ll just need a web browser, so a tablet should be fine for that.

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Thanks for your reply. Just to clarify, will any Windows tablet work with PsychoPy, or only certain Windows tablets that are in fact laptops? How can I tell them apart? I’m afraid Pavlovia is not an option in this case, as the plan is ultimately to make some software available for use in the NHS and it will need to work on a self-contained device, not be linked to purchasing a yearly license.

Pavlovia is an online service: the only software needed to access it is a web browser. So any internet-enabled device is already configured to access it - no device-level licensing or installation of files is required.

If you go the route of using PsychoPy locally on Windows tablets, then PsychoPy itself must be installed on each device, as must the experiment files themselves. Depending on the number of devices, that could be a lot more overhead, and you will still have to handle the centralised collation of the data from the various devices, which Pavlovia does automatically.

If cost is the actual concern, then speak to - they have had some interest in demonstrating the value of PsychoPy/Pavlovia to health-related applications.

The idea is that NHS practitioners would use the software independently once we have experimentally validated it, and that they would retrieve and examine the data generated on their own individual tablets. This is why we are thinking of running the software on PsychoPy. We have an institutional license for Pavlovia, but we would not want to take responsibility for retrieving and distributing the data to practitioners – they would need to be able to do this for themselves.