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Pavlovia does not save data - I don't get the "thank you for your patience" message

URL of experiment:

I’ve been trying to make sure that my data are being saved and I’ve sent my experiments in different friends to test them. At the end of the experiment I don’t receive the “thank you for your patience” message and as a result of this I decided to ask the participants to press “esc” when the experiment is done. However, I can see that my data are not being saved and I am afraid that the problem is the fact that the “thank you message” does not appear and I ask them to “press esc”

Is there a problem with the code?
How could I solve this?

Update: I deleted the “press esc” instruction and I tried it out. I still don’t see the “thank you for your patience message”

Are you sure the final routine is ending as it is supposed to? Does the message pop up when you press escape in the middle of the experiment?

thank you for your answer!!

yes the message is visible when I press escape in the middle of the experiment.
I am not sure I understand what you mean with the ending routine being as it is supposed to be.

The final routine in an experiment needs to either have a duration or a key/mouse press to end it. If you just have a message with no duration then the experiment won’t end.

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thank you ! that solved the problem