Pavlovia does not present some auditory stimuli while presents some repeatedly, and makes a noise

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: Hi,

-In the recognition phases sometimes it presents auditory stimulus repeatedly, even if it should be once as I adjusted in builder.
-In the second part of experiment commission error task does not work and it makes an irritating noise.

Thank you.


I’m afraid that this is far too vague for anyone to be able to help you. Are these two or three different issues?

They are different tasks in the same experiment. The main 2 problems are

1-Some auditory stimuli have been missed by Pavlovia during the experiment

2-Only in a routine there is too loud noise rather than auditory stimulus

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  1. Try setting the start time for the sound component to .1 rather than 0 seconds and/or set the sound to load during an ISI (in the same or a previous routine)

  2. I think that happens when the sound file can’t be loaded. Does it happen for specific sounds? If so, try recreating the files.

Hi again,

I have solved the first problem adjusting frameN rather than time but in terms of noise I could not have a solution. It presents auditory stimuli with the loud noise like horning :frowning:

Does it do it to all of them?

What are your auditory stimuli? If files, what format?

Not for all just for the all stimuli in one part but other parts are using the same format .wav

Can you set the nReps of the recognition phase to 0 so you can see if the sound errors happen in the second part when the first part is skipped?

Is there any difference in the setup of the audio components in the two parts?

Is it always the same stimuli that have sound errors?

I created all stimuli in the same way only difference between tasks is that the task which does not work properly requires repetition of the stimuli 3 times. Interestingly, in the first task it repeats some stimuli even if I adjusted nReps=1, also there is a strong noise starts in even instruction of the second task, before the stimuli presentation starts.

For someone experiencing the same problem, I have solved the noise by recreating my sheets and loops. However, it still repeats some stimuli even though I adjusted 1 in nReps.